The Impact of Electricity on Global Warming

“Global climate change” this term refers to the changes brought to the climate of our earth by wide repertoires of human activities. Different ways of electricity production may negatively impact the climate that emerges apprehensive environmental issues. Many people still consider it as a myth but there is no bigger threat to earth at present than global warming. There are several scientific pieces of evidence that clearly show how human enterprises such as burning fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas influence the climate.

energy saver device
While coal is burned during the combustion process, carbon is discharged that transformed into CO2 that contributes to the increasing “greenhouse effect”. Owing to the “greenhouse effect” energy from the sun passes through the atmosphere of earth and traps greater part of that permeated energy in the form of heat. This course of action keeps global temperatures comparatively stable, at present average 33 degrees Celsius. This is fit for human habitation; nevertheless, the rise of CO2 emission and other greenhouse gasses like methane emerged from fossil fuel burning, different human activities ignites the heat-trapping process that eventually increases average global temperature.

Importance of saving energy

The world is our home, if we don’t be cautious of its preservation, we would end up destroying it. Do you know with small initiative even you can alleviate the present condition and slow back the accelerated pace of global warming? For many people, the concept of “saving energy” is considered as a way of lower the electricity bill, but they are completely unaware of the fact that with these simple steps they can actually bring major changes to the present situation. Someone has said it right that change only comes when individuals come forward and take the right step. The aim is simple, CO2 is the most malevolent element that threatens the existence of mankind, and it is discharged when coal, oil or other fossil fuels are combusted for producing energy that we use to power homes, Smartphone and cars. When we inhibit the amount of power usage we contribute less to the global climate change and also save our money.

Some effective ways to save energy

•    Power your home or office with renewable energy
•    Use energy-efficient appliances
•    Use LED bulbs in place of incandescent
•    Use less amount of hot water
•    Turn off each of the electronic devices and lights when not in use
•    Replace the old filters in furnace and air conditioner
•    Install energy saver device at home

According to a recent study the surface of the earth has warmed by nearly 1 degree F in the 20th century thus it’s the high time to fight against the global warming if we want to retain the beauty of our Mother Nature.


Author: Electric Saver 1200

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